Licenses Guide

All the “can and can't Do, shouldn't Do” and “please don't Do” in a nut-shell.

As you'll discover, it's very simple. The ONLY thing I forbid, is reselling of my products 'as you purchased them' … since that's my work and copyright creation and we could avoid all the ruckus by simply using an affiliate license! Besides, an Affiliate License permits you a share of all revenues you generate. It's a win : win situation!

My unique brainstorm was to create products from which people could easily convert – provide their own themes – without having to pay mega-zillion of cash to have them created. Now if you should make mega-zillions with just one of my products, GREAT!!! Remember me in your rise to fame, fortune and your “final will and testament” ;).

Licensing Types

We only have several licenses at Stephen Gose Game Studios:

  • Demo - A Demo license is intended for your use and distribution within your marketing channels. It is a full-featured set release with internal ads and external links poining to my network of products and services.
  • Regular - A Regular license-- either by subscription or 1-time fee -- provides the best option for both the game developer, game enthusiasts and web-site owners.  This license permits website publishers continued revenue and gives web site managers single capital investments for popular games while reducing the annoying wait-time pre-game advertisements for your game players. Both game license options permit:
    1. ) White Label - your logo insertion and internal links pointing into your web site;
    2. ) Keep your Customers on your website;
    3. ) Anti-theft options freely included and preserves you affiliate revenue generation;
    4. ) Protects your website with FREE Product updates for the first year, and
    5. ) Turns OFF annoying pre-game ads!
  • Full - A Full license is intended for my customers who want to re-sell their work enhancements derived and by-products from my product, to the public or multiple clients.
    + You can re-sell the game multiple times.
    What is out-of-score for a Full license?
    - You must not sell my product 'as is'… you must contribution or derive substantial work around my product to create your by-product.
  • Affiliate - An Affiliate license is intended for my sales agents who want to re-sell my products to the public or multiple clients. In compensation for your marketing efforts you receive a percentage of the recommended sales price.

Review our Licensing Vocabulary.



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